Service With a Smile is Powerful

Posted by admin, June 24, 2014 at 9:42 pm

“The shortest distance between two people is a smile”- author unknown


Much has been said about the goodness of a smile. In the service industry, a smile is easy to give, costs nothing and benefits both you and the one you are serving.

When someone smiles, we are very likely to smile back. as a matter of fact, researchers say that we often return smiles that mimick the smile given to us. Mimicking a smile helps our brain interpret the smile we just received. It makes us conscious of the emotions or attitude behind the smile the person is giving us! Amazing!

Let’s look at the restaurant industry as an example. I like to use dining out as an example because we can all relate to being served in this context. You have likely sensed the smile of a server as artificial or fake at some time or another. As the person being served, you know the server hopes for a decent tip at the end of your meal. You know what motivates the server and, I argue, that it is a worthy motivation. The server is putting aside how he or she may really be feeling that day, to provide you service with a smile which benefits both you and the server.

Your smile can actually be improved upon too, if you know what to avoid. Generally the following types of smiles are to be avoided:

  • Avoid a wide smile that shows all your teeth. This comes across as disingenuous or artificial
  • Avoid using a fixed smile that does not change
  • Avoid a thin, cold smile

The best smile is a slow and natural mile that matches the situation. Studies reveal that regardless of how much your smile truly matches your feelings, smiling still helps to improve your satisfaction with your job because people around you will respond more positively to you!

Here are some additional benefits of smiling while at work:

  • Smiling is contagious and you will likely get a smile back
  • Smiling makes you feel better because smiling generates positive emotions
  • Smiles transcend language barriers
  • Smiles improve social situations

At ServiceMaster Clean, we know that the work our House Keepers and supervisors do is important and the demeanor they have while serving customers is important as well. A smile builds rapport and creates an atmosphere that makes everyone comfortable. Service with a smile is highly desired and a good goal for every service employee to practice.

“Life is like a mirror. We get the best results when we smile at it”- author unknown


Submitted by: Stephanie R. Ducote, ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance



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