Concrete floor Cleaning

Concrete Floor Cleaning Baltimore

ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance (PBM) is experienced in concrete floor cleaning. Our customers have loading docks and warehouse floors where clean, sealed concrete provides a workplace that is easier to maintain. This also prevents dust from lingering within the work environment. Sealed concrete also prevents unsightly stains from penetrating the surface of your concrete floor.

The Process for Cleaning and Sealing Concrete Floors

  • Machine scrub concrete floors followed by wet vacuuming to thoroughly remove water and cleaning solution. The proper choice of cleaning solutions is essential to remove difficult stains. Stains include those left by forklift tires, machine grease, and other soil. ServiceMaster Clean has devoted decades of research into our Floor Star™ cleaning products. Additionally, our products include degreasers and our concrete seal and finish. Our customers see the great results.
  • When the concrete is clean and dry we apply 3 coats of Floor Star™ water-based acrylic Concrete Seal and Finish. In the vast majority of cases a water base sealer will also provide the performance needed for commercial uses. Water-based sealing dries within an hour of application and has minimal odors compared to oil based, urethane-type sealers.
  • The concrete floor now looks better than ever and provides a floor that is presentable and easy to maintain.

Power Washing Concrete Floor Cleaning

  • Power washing is a procedure most commonly performed in an exterior area that has heavy soiling. Parking pads, garages and sidewalks are areas where this cleaning method works best.

Cleaning and maintaining polished concrete floors:

  • Dry mop regularly.
  • Wet mop small areas or use an automatic floor scrubber for large areas.
  • Use of ServiceMaster cleaning products suited to the daily cleaning needs of your concrete floor.

All of these cleaning methods will improve the quality of your concrete floor. Also, depending upon the location and use of your concrete, different applications are recommended. We have the expertise to help you determine how to best care for your concrete.

Contact us today for all of your commercial cleaning and concrete floor cleaning needs. With 24/7 availability, we take calls day or night, responding to customer needs in Harford County, Baltimore County and Baltimore City.

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