Commercial Pressure Washing Services

The exterior of your facility is where you make a first impression on your clients and employees. Do you have dark mold, mildew or green algae on your walls, sidewalks, or entrance steps? Is it growing on your roof and wood or vinyl fencing? Did vandals spray graffiti on the side of a building?

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If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, ServiceMaster Clean PBM can help. Commercial curb appeal is just as critical for your facility as it is in the residential market. Additionally, when people drive by, they are evaluating professionalism based on the exterior of your building and grounds. Our team also has the expertise to get the outside of your facility looking as good as the inside.

We can also perform pressure washing as needed to keep your exterior walking areas clean and free of stains and gum. Our exterior surface cleaning services complement and support our interior cleaning services to provide a complete worry-free service. Keep your buildings properly maintained with our excellent commercial cleaning service reliability and customer service.

Pressure Washing

Traditional pressure washing uses a higher water pressure of up to 5000 PSI (pounds per square inch). This can also blast away graffiti, mold, mildew, etc. on hard surfaces that can withstand the higher pressure. This also includes concrete, brick walls, sidewalks, patios, and parking areas. Pressure washing can damage roof tiles, mortar, soft stucco type surfaces, window seals, glass and more. We recommend soft washing for buildings and roofs and other vertical surfaces.

Examples where pressure washing is safe include:

  • Concrete sidewalks, ramps, and also driveways.
  • Concrete and paved patio areas.
  • Brick and stone.

Even though these surfaces are durable, our technicians also take care to keep the PSI at a reasonable level. So, this ensures that we don’t damage any mortar or cause problems. Our surface cleaning machines power wash evenly, leaving a brighter, clean surface with dramatically good results.

We perform pressure washing March through November, as weather permits. The colder months are not suitable for pressure washing, due to the possibility of freezing temperatures or snow cover.

Contact us today for all of your pressure washing needs. We serve commercial clients exclusively. With 24/7 availability, we take calls day or night, responding to customer needs in Harford County, Baltimore County, and also Baltimore City.

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