COVID-19 Cleaning

COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfection 


As a trusted leader in the cleaning industry, ServiceMaster Clean PBM provides COVID Commercial Cleaning. The COVID (coronavirus) pandemic reinforces the importance of keeping work spaces disinfected and safe. Our goal is to reduce the threat of an outbreak in your facility through proper use of EPA approved disinfectants for emerging pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2 (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2) which causes the coronavirus disease named COVID-19.  Effective ongoing sanitization combined with recommended CDC guidelines for maintenance of employee hygiene will promote an atmosphere which will decrease the risk to employees and visitors to your building. ServiceMaster PBM is here to help you evaluate your current needs considering this outbreak and provide a plan for immediate and ongoing disinfection needs as well as products which will allow your employees to guard against this virus.

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As an essential workforce to the commercial facilities sector as described by The Department of Homeland Security and clarified in further detail by Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s Office of Legal Counsel in their Interpretive guidance of March 23, 2020 Order #20-03-23-01, professionally equipped janitorial services are necessary to the healthy maintenance of the commercial facilities sector.


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    COVID-19 Cleaning PROTOCOL

    We understand the pressure which businesses are under currently without the ability to function as normal. Yet facilities who have any staff on site understand the need to maintain services: normal janitorial cleaning and additional disinfected treatment of all high touch surfaces as much as possible. This quarantine is temporary; it is an appropriate time to schedule a terminal disinfection of your building prior to employees coming back (every wall, flat surface and high touch item is disinfected). During this time your housekeeper can work on deep cleaning projects or our Floor Maintenance Technicians can address floor and upholstery needs you have. If you still have anyone coming into your building, sanitization of high touch areas is vitally important. For occupied buildings we are prepared to add additional staff to provide the 8-hour day 3x/day sanitization – even hourly disinfected treatment depending upon the area and traffic.


    It only takes a single a-symptomatic infected employee to touch a doorknob used by others to spread the virus. Although epidemiologists do not yet have full knowledge of how this virus is passed, we do know that it is spread by person to person contact via nasal and oral droplets in the air as well as hand to infected surfaces contact followed by hand to face contact. Social distancing will slow the spread but will not last forever as businesses must get back to work as quickly as our government permits. This is where an aggressive and ongoing strategy for building sanitization and employee hygiene maintenance must be employed.


    ServiceMaster Clean PBM has begun to employ both short-term and long-term strategies to secure our customers buildings and workforce:

    1. Provided immediate and ongoing guidance to supervision and housekeepers which has resulted in no disruptions of service to our customers during this crisis. Provided appropriate PPE to each employee.
    2. Provided customer buildings with greater quantities of RTU Sani Master 6, ServiceMaster’s blend of quaternary ammonium chloride, which is registered with and meets the Environmental Protection Agency’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2 for daily disinfection of high-touch surfaces .
    3. Added Sani Master 7 to our arsenal of EPA registered solutions for emerging pathogens, with an even shorter dwell time of 3 minutes to deactivate the virus.
    4. Quickly responded to customers emergency needs for terminal disinfection of workspaces occupied by an employee suspected or diagnosed with COVID-19 using hospital grade disinfectant Virex Plus, normally used to clean surgery suites and now being used in any commercial building for post-exposure disinfection.
    5. For healthcare disinfection, use of Sanotex disposable wipes and Premira disposable flat mops and duster covers for surgical suite terminal disinfection.

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    WARNING: Beware of any janitorial vendor who claims foggers are effective to disinfect. Foggers are not EPA approved for disinfection, nor are solutions capable of guaranteeing once applied. There is no “once and done” solution. Regular sprayers and some electrostatic sprayers are useful for application, but then again, areas disinfected can become infectious when re-exposed to the virus. Thus, ongoing sanitization with an EPA approved solution is the best and only option. Finally, we do not recommend bleach mixtures for use on your hard surfaces, furniture, etc. as bleach has great potential to cause damage.


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    To decrease the risk to your employees we urge you to study CDS recommended guidelines. Policies which will enable you to respond quickly when an employee is ill or has been exposed will enable you to function for the long term. See these preventative guidelines by the CDC.


    Exterior COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfection 

    To respond proactively against COVID-19, ServiceMaster PBM is prepared to provide EXTERIOR sanitization of high use and touch areas on or around buildings. ServiceMaster has capacity to disinfect outside environments with our Soft Wash Systems that applies properly portioned sodium hypochlorite – bleach (10-1 ratio).

    • Employee entrances
    • Sidewalks
    • parking lots
    • parking garages
    • outside elevators
    • exterior stairways
    • adjacent bus stops
    • outside break /picnic /smoking areas
    • ATM’s
    • dumpster pads
    • playground equipment, etc.

    See system we use.
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    Horizontal surfaces: (listed above)

    Vertical surfaces: walls up to 2 stories or 25 ft. (Multi-story exterior terraces 3 stories and above will entail additional charges and use of a lift)

    Hours for COVID-19 Cleaning:
    Evenings 5 pm – 8 am (evening into morning hours) and
    Weekends: Saturday – Sunday (Hours when building staff is off or there is low traffic into and out of the building)

    Although areas will be disinfected upon application, ServiceMaster PBM cannot guarantee surfaces remain germ free when handled by potentially infected individuals following application, therefore it is recommended that high touch areas be frequently disinfected if still in use during this pandemic.


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