Go Beyond Clean To Reopen Your Business in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted by Beth Cannone, August 14, 2020 at 2:06 am

Business as usual just doesn’t exist anymore. Business owners are figuring out what things will look like going forward and are attempting to hedge risk. For those who have yet to open in the COVID-19 pandemic, there are a lot of decisions to make.

For most facilities, the option of a long-lasting disinfecting solution could be vital. This type of cleaning solution would keep customers and employees safe during and after COVID-19. High-traffic areas especially would benefit from this type of product.  

That’s why ServiceMaster Clean is now offering a third step to our cleaning and disinfecting services, a long-lasting disinfectant product.  This new solution, GoldShield, will be a vital tool for businesses as they reopen throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. GoldShield provides a residual long-term disinfection that can last up to 90 days.

Reopening: A Long-Term Solution Post-COVID-19

Reopening during or after a pandemic takes creativity and consideration of many angles. There are different sources of information out there right now as our understanding of the virus is continually evolving. Business owners are in need of reliable methods of infection prevention that they can trust during the reopening phases.

GoldShield is an EPA approved solution and cleared for a wide variety of purposes including schools, medical facilities, restaurants, gyms and health clubs, offices, retail and much more. This new offering from ServiceMaster will help keep facilities free from dangerous microbes for months. 

Protection: A Key Ingredient During a Pandemic

The three-step approach of “Clean, Disinfect and Protect” is key to protecting the health and safety of employees and customers of any facility during the Coronavirus outbreak. The third step, a proper application of GoldShield, adds an additional layer of protection together with regular cleaning and disinfecting.

Business owners may have already hired a company to regularly clean and disinfect their facilities, but what happens after that company leaves the building? Think of how many people and objects will touch those surfaces before the company comes back to clean them again. An application of GoldShield provides a vital added layer of protection, until a professional can properly clean those surfaces again.

EPA approved: Persistently Kills up to 99.99% Bacteria

We won’t go into the nerdy details, but this product has a makeup that breaks down surface tension and creates a strong bond. This bond allows for long term performance, which is how GoldShield kills 99.9% of microbes for months.  This reacts differently than many other products, making it unique in its kind. 

As we continue to address this pandemic, it’s important that we not only temporarily wipe down surfaces, but that we apply a long-term antimicrobial product as well. GoldShield has been proven to sustainably reduce bacterial bioburden, which is the number of bacteria living on a surface.

ServiceMaster’s new process for long-term disinfecting, using patented and EPA registered products, is the next generation of infection prevention. Over the years, it has gained over 35 evidenced–based independent studies along with three peer reviewed articles in The American Journal of Infection Control (2011, 2015, and 2017).

If you are interested in protecting your facility from bacteria as you reopen in the COVID-19 pandemic, give us a call at 410-665-6912.

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