About Service Master Clean PBM Baltimore

About Service Master Clean PBM Baltimore


We hope you find the information within this website helpful as you consider a professional cleaning company. We are here to serve you.
– Ed Ducote, General Manager
– Stephanie R. Ducote, Business Development

Service Master Clean PBM Baltimore (PBM-Professional Building Maintenance) provides commercial janitorial and specialty cleaning services to businesses in Harford County, Baltimore County and Baltimore City. The company was established in 1981 as an independent business licensed to serve you by ServiceMaster Clean®. Mr. Edward Ducote is the owner and General Manager of Professional Building Maintenance (PBM), providing direct guidance and supervision to commercial cleaning staff while maintaining 24/7 availability to all customers. Located at 8019 Belair Road, Unit 14, Baltimore, MD 21236, the office of ServiceMaster Clean Professional Building Maintenance (PBM) is centrally located within its licensed areas to better serve you.

We provide commercial cleaning services day or night, depending on your needs. We work to maintain high customer satisfaction by recruiting quality field cleaners. We look for people with a trustworthy track record, a strong work ethic, and a personable and discreet disposition. We train each field cleaner in the ServiceMaster industry-proven, systematic method of Capture and Removal®, and pair them with an experienced and professional field supervisor. Our supervisors work with cleaning staff to reach your goals for your building.

Night Cleaning/After Hours Cleaning

Night cleaning services occur in the evening when many businesses are closed or have fewer employees occupying their facility. Many businesses prefer this commercial cleaning option because it fits with their goals of maintaining a specific daytime atmosphere and image. Night cleaning leaves potential distractions and noises which occur from vacuuming and cleaning activity to after-business-hours. Our Capture and Removal System™ incorporates the scientific study of time and motion to bring efficiency to our products and nightly process.

Daylight Cleaning

Daylight Cleaning™ is a perfect option for businesses that need the ability to keep high traffic areas clean throughout the day or have frequent urgent cleaning needs. Here, a business has the opportunity to interact directly with their daytime cleaner for immediate response to emergency cleaning needs as they occur. In Daylight Cleaning, trained cleaning staff work around tenants. The added benefits to daylight cleaning services include a reduced demand for evening energy use and a reduction in building security alarm incidences. Our Daylight Cleaning system uses Healthy High Performance Cleaning (HHPC) certified by the GREENGAURD Environmental Institute to improve indoor air quality.

Day cleaners, sometimes referred to as day porters are available to assist with setting up and breaking down meeting rooms, changing light bulbs, unclogging toilets, receiving deliveries, breaking down boxes for recycling and other miscellaneous duties our customers need help with in the area of maintenance support.

Service Master Clean PBM Baltimore Emergency Response

Sometimes a toilet overflows or a leaking pipe or roof causes a small spill. We help our customers with these types of inconveniences. If something catastrophic occurs; if there is flood or fire in your facility, Service Master is ready to respond quickly with 24 hour availability to fire and water damage emergencies. Service Master CleanProfessional Building Maintenance (PBM) has relationships with local Service Master Restore® businesses that respond to catastrophic situations and will be at your facility within 2 hours.

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